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The comparison between zinc-coated screen and invisible screen

The author:WuqiangHaoda Fiberglass Products Co., Ltd Published time:2016-6-20 browse:次  baidu

The comparison of performance between zinc-coated screen and invisible screen: Zinc-coated screen is of excellent tenacity, highly anti-corrosive, easy to clean and hard to deform. As for invisible screen: Ultra fine steel wire, hidden installation, both firm and aesthetically looking, which effectively prevents burglary and avoids accidental falling of children. Invisible screen can be swiftly disassembled in 3 – 5 seconds in case of emergency such as fire. It is invisible in 15 meters, and the building style and urban landscape remain unaffected. It is connected with highly intelligent antitheft system. It is installed in a systematic way and can be assembled quickly and easily, and customer may disassemble it on his or her own. It is hard to climb and rust, and remains new after long-term use. It is reasonably priced and the quality is guaranteed.

The comparison of use between zinc-coated screen and invisible screen: Zinc-coated screen is used for building, machine protection, and hotels and residential buildings to shield off flies and mosquitos. As for invisible screen: Anti-aging, anti-static, flame-retardant, and highly adaptive to various environments. It is non-toxic and odorless and good-looking, usually used in high-end office buildings and residential neighborhood, which is the best product to shield off bugs and mosquitos. The price of invisible screen: It is moderately priced with high quality out of all competitors, and it is an emerging product hence it’s popular in the market. Main colors of invisible screens are grey, grey white (radially grey and zonally white), black, white (other colors are also optional).

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