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The application of invisible screens

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Not only the quality, the thickness of the frame, and the materials used, but also the hardware used shall be taken into consideration as well.

Accessories are important components of the antitheft system of antitheft screens, such as the lock, the stainless steel lock point and handle. An antitheft window will be much less useful with a disqualified lock. Three types of window screens were displayed which were folded-type, push-pull and side-hung, the reporter noticed a fact that there is a metal point after certain distance. Manager Zhuang told the reporter that the metal point is a part of the multi-point lock, and such multi-point design reinforces the antitheft performance. The thickness is around 0.6mm. Normally, fiberglass and stainless steel wires are recommended for the meshes of normal window screens. The window frame uses aluminum that is around 1.0mm thick. However, an antitheft screen asks for more, as in the meshes shall be thickened to more than 0.6mm, and for some models, the thickness of aluminum frame even reaches 2.0mm.

The core of the antitheft screen adopts high-density thickened 0.9mm ultra stainless steel wire, which is capable of bearing a force of 1.2t. The external frame adopts 1.42.0mm aluminum alloy.

The principle behind antitheft screen relies on the extensive strength of ultra stainless steel wire, and a burglar finds it difficult to cut since it is closely woven and thick.

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